Oh, Behold The Drama of the Pen!

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I’m not typically one to discuss real life problems unless it is absolutely neccessary (Did I spell that right?) or if it’s good news. I’m doing so now because I need to tell someone. Just warning you, drama will ensue below.

Power of the Pen, which is a state-wide writing competition, has a team at my school. I’m one of the two captains (The Senior one!) and we have a competition tomorrow. I was first on our team last year and came second overall. I’m REALLY hoping to continue that.

The drama part is as follows: Two new members joined our team this year. I know both but haven’t read anything of their’s. While talking with one of said new members about our chances of winning (Which are now minimal due to one of our top three writers being kicked off, but that’s another story) and she replies: “What you don’t think *Laura* and I will be good enough?”

To which I reply: “I haven’t read anything either of you have written, so I can’t say. All I know is that *Dolly* (The girl who was kicked off) was one of our best.”

To which she so bitterly replies: “I can’t speak for myself, but *Laura* is the best writer I know and the best on our team and in this school.”

At this point I wanted to slap her. I mean, COME ON! I KNOW she had read some of my writing in the past week (Examples from previous competition) and that she was doing it to make me angry.

But the problem is this: I’m nervous.

I don’t typically get nervous either, but I’m nervous now. I’ve been going over all my old stories and doing 40 minute quick-writing sessions every day for the past week. Writing is the only thing at my school that distinguishes me, and I AM NOT giving up my position as head of the team without a fight.

And now the drama is over, at least until I find out the results tomorrow.


Elemental Modeling Cycle Two () Sign-Ups

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Das right. Elemental Modeling Cycle Two has finally begun! The thread was launched earlier today and we already have two models signed up and two reserved! I’m particularly proud of the example photos and signature I made for it. Below is one of the example shots:

I drew on the dress, the eyes, some makeup, and used transparencies to add the lightning. I can’t say exactly which assignment this photo is for, but it’s one of the last assignments in the competition.

In addition to that, I worked in GIMP for about two or three hours today to put together an animated signature. Every time I almost finished GIMP shut down from overload. I finally wised up and saved a copy after every two frames. (Which is a lot of saving considering the final image has about 37) Anyways, after much work I present my first super-animated siggy. (As always, you’ll have to click on it to view the raw image, and then the animations will show)

HOW COOL IS THAT??? I’m very proud of it if you can’t tell ūüėõ

I’d be happy to leave a link to the competition thread, but unfortunately the forums are under maintenance right now. Well, I’m off to TSS to check things and then I’ll be relaxing with a cup of tea and a nice book.


Feel My Wrath, Teenage Typists!

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You know what’s really irritating me lately?

“Like OMGZ¬†guss¬†wut? I likez¬†totlly¬†fellz¬†dis mornin LOL”

It seems an epidemic of stupidity is sweeping through the Sims world. Really? Your message is SO important you don’t have the time to spell things out and check to make sure you sound like a semi-intelligent form of life?

The only times I can stand this:

1. When an illness or disability causes someone to do so.

2. When said person is bound to a chair and being forced with a blunt and/or sharp-edged object to type a message in under five seconds.

But only those. I’m guessing most of the people who type like this are teenagers that have such life-altering news to convey they can’t bear the thought of waiting an extra four seconds to click ‘Send.’

Nevertheless, it appears that “Text Speak” has indelibly merged with the internet, forcing the few and far between Grammar Geeks such as myself to do one of three things. Convert to a Teenage Typist, (Oh the horror!), go into hiding, (Got a cave I can crash in?), or sew their mouths shut and try not to bang their heads against the keyboard in frustration (Oh the humanity!)

I’ve obviously chosen option three, evident by my lack of living in a cave and talking likez dis. It’s truly sad, but it seems the Grammar Geek’s days are numbered. We are on a Grammar Titanic, and the orchestra has already begun to tone down the violins. So let us throw away all troubles and enjoy our Grammar Geekness while it lasts. Raise your glass my friends, for it has been a good run…

Forever Lost In The Crazy World of Hair

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Hair is so confusing! I’ve been spending the past four days trying to figure out what color to dye my hair. I’ve been wanting to dye it for a while, but I can’t decide on a color. I have the¬†pale skin endemic to caucasians who don’t go outside and black hair would most likely make me look like a creepy skeleton that has had one drink too much.

My hair is already blonde, so I don’t want any more of that. Brown would look so-so, but isn’t the point of dying your hair to make it look better?

Perhaps it’s the vanilla frappuccino talking, but I think I want to dye my hair white. Yes, WHITE.

The kind of white that is whiter than any other white. So white it puts to shame every celebrity smile in the world. Coupled with my unnaturally dark eyebrows not only would I look somewhat eerie, I would also maintain an exotic tone that could possibly make me more noticeable by potential significant others.

Or perhaps I’m crazy.

Nevertheless, I have a newfound appreciation for those who dye their hair. Soccer moms, boring brunettes, and unsatisfied blondes, I salute you.

In Regards To: The Mares Nest

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As some of you may have noticed, The Mares Nest has been removed from my blogroll, along with another simmers blog, but that’s another matter.

Never in the past year did I imagine I would be spending my birthday in a state of general irritableness and annoyance. This is due to my reading of the recent TMN page, found here, which has accusations to Ricslady of being two-faced and various other things.

First off: For a group of simmers who often stresses having facts straight, they referenced Smokytopaz being a moderator twice.

I wouldn’t call being a member running the site, but say as you wish.

Second: I don’t care who you are, but Ricslady is NOT two-faced. Her allowing of certain comments within the site to go un-punished? Whether or not she even SAW them is a¬†point they’re missing. Most posts about TMN or other blogs are made in either Chat or the Daily Ramble thread.

The Daily Ramble has over 700 pages, and grows by around 3 or more a week. I don’t even read the pages I missed.


A forum “Aimed to be a one-stop shop for all the creators in the Simming community?” Really? Here’s the REAL reason TSS was created:

The completion list she is referring to is below:

That is a screen from the control panel of a site I created with Webs, (For an entirely different matter, mind you), and it can clearly be seen to verify Ricslady’s claims.

Lastly: Notice how I haven’t used any profanity or outright attacked TMN in my post? It’s because they brought up one very good point, and that was here:

The post they linked to is here. I am not going to explain what happened, because there is no need in tearing at scabs. When I read that post, I literally cried. Every time I have wanted to come out and bash TMN I think of that post, and it gives me my common sense back.

While The Mares Nest’s blog may be removed from my blogroll, don’t for one second confuse disagreement with hostility.

Got Some Sleep I Can Borrow?

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Tired as of late. I haven’t been able to get much sleep, and I’ve been having headaches almost every day this week.

I’m trying to figure out scores for the Writer’s Block Winter Showcase, but it’s a bit confusing with one of my judges running another challenge and the other in a different country and time zone.

On top of that, I’m pretty nervous about Enchant Me. It’s a modeling competition I’m in and for Assignment Three we had to either draw hair or pose combine. I’ve done pose combining before, so I tried hair-drawing.

The hair itself isn’t overly bad, but the fact it’s white coupled with my model’s dour expression don’t make for a good score…Ugh…

And on top of THAT we have the recent post on AE’s blog that I’m sure you’ve all read by now. Goodness, there’s just too much going on right now.

Later tonight I have a dinner for a writing contest, and a week from tonight there’s another one. I’m happy and glad to be involved in them, but I just feel so overwhelmed. I think I’m going to get myself a nice cup of tea with honey and lemon and watch a movie.

Have a good night everyone!


Some Poems

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I’ve been in a mood for poetry, so here are some short ones:

Bird In The Golden Cage

I’m like a little bird in a golden cage,
Sing when Daddy calls,

I don’t want a cracker, no,
Just give me a gun,

I promise this is almost done,

Tweety Bird,  in your cage,
Sing me a song today,

Little bird, don’t fly away,
Promise you’ll stay the night.

Little Chain

I’ve got a pretty little chain around my ankle,
A pretty little chain around my heart,

A pretty little chain around my savior,
The key is gone and the room is dark,

I’ve got a clinging little rope around my fingers,
A clinging little rope around my feet,

A clinging little rope around my lover,
I took a step and forgot to breathe,

I’ve got a rope and chain upon my body,
A rope and chain so near and dear,

A rope and chain upon my world,
In the binding hold that is my fear.
My Heart’s Titanic

Lost in an ocean I once explored,
Forgotten in the churning tide,

A salty taste of memories,
Cast out in a blurring line,

Wooden ship on blackened water,
A hole struck in the bow,

And alas my ship is sinking,
In the sea of here and now.