Got Some Sleep I Can Borrow?

Tired as of late. I haven’t been able to get much sleep, and I’ve been having headaches almost every day this week.

I’m trying to figure out scores for the Writer’s Block Winter Showcase, but it’s a bit confusing with one of my judges running another challenge and the other in a different country and time zone.

On top of that, I’m pretty nervous about Enchant Me. It’s a modeling competition I’m in and for Assignment Three we had to either draw hair or pose combine. I’ve done pose combining before, so I tried hair-drawing.

The hair itself isn’t overly bad, but the fact it’s white coupled with my model’s dour expression don’t make for a good score…Ugh…

And on top of THAT we have the recent post on AE’s blog that I’m sure you’ve all read by now. Goodness, there’s just too much going on right now.

Later tonight I have a dinner for a writing contest, and a week from tonight there’s another one. I’m happy and glad to be involved in them, but I just feel so overwhelmed. I think I’m going to get myself a nice cup of tea with honey and lemon and watch a movie.

Have a good night everyone!



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