In Regards To: The Mares Nest

As some of you may have noticed, The Mares Nest has been removed from my blogroll, along with another simmers blog, but that’s another matter.

Never in the past year did I imagine I would be spending my birthday in a state of general irritableness and annoyance. This is due to my reading of the recent TMN page, found here, which has accusations to Ricslady of being two-faced and various other things.

First off: For a group of simmers who often stresses having facts straight, they referenced Smokytopaz being a moderator twice.

I wouldn’t call being a member running the site, but say as you wish.

Second: I don’t care who you are, but Ricslady is NOT two-faced. Her allowing of certain comments within the site to go un-punished? Whether or not she even SAW them is a point they’re missing. Most posts about TMN or other blogs are made in either Chat or the Daily Ramble thread.

The Daily Ramble has over 700 pages, and grows by around 3 or more a week. I don’t even read the pages I missed.


A forum “Aimed to be a one-stop shop for all the creators in the Simming community?” Really? Here’s the REAL reason TSS was created:

The completion list she is referring to is below:

That is a screen from the control panel of a site I created with Webs, (For an entirely different matter, mind you), and it can clearly be seen to verify Ricslady’s claims.

Lastly: Notice how I haven’t used any profanity or outright attacked TMN in my post? It’s because they brought up one very good point, and that was here:

The post they linked to is here. I am not going to explain what happened, because there is no need in tearing at scabs. When I read that post, I literally cried. Every time I have wanted to come out and bash TMN I think of that post, and it gives me my common sense back.

While The Mares Nest’s blog may be removed from my blogroll, don’t for one second confuse disagreement with hostility.


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