Forever Lost In The Crazy World of Hair

Hair is so confusing! I’ve been spending the past four days trying to figure out what color to dye my hair. I’ve been wanting to dye it for a while, but I can’t decide on a color. I have the pale skin endemic to caucasians who don’t go outside and black hair would most likely make me look like a creepy skeleton that has had one drink too much.

My hair is already blonde, so I don’t want any more of that. Brown would look so-so, but isn’t the point of dying your hair to make it look better?

Perhaps it’s the vanilla frappuccino talking, but I think I want to dye my hair white. Yes, WHITE.

The kind of white that is whiter than any other white. So white it puts to shame every celebrity smile in the world. Coupled with my unnaturally dark eyebrows not only would I look somewhat eerie, I would also maintain an exotic tone that could possibly make me more noticeable by potential significant others.

Or perhaps I’m crazy.

Nevertheless, I have a newfound appreciation for those who dye their hair. Soccer moms, boring brunettes, and unsatisfied blondes, I salute you.


2 Responses to “Forever Lost In The Crazy World of Hair”

  1. That would be cool! You should do it, just to be fun:) I dye my hair black, so it’s not such a pain to keep up with in all honesty:)

    • I’m hoping I’ll muster up the courage to just plow through it. I’m getting a haircut (Just a trim) in two weeks, so I’m hoping to ask my stylist what color she thinks would look best.

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