Feel My Wrath, Teenage Typists!

You know what’s really irritating me lately?

“Like OMGZ guss wut? I likez totlly fellz dis mornin LOL”

It seems an epidemic of stupidity is sweeping through the Sims world. Really? Your message is SO important you don’t have the time to spell things out and check to make sure you sound like a semi-intelligent form of life?

The only times I can stand this:

1. When an illness or disability causes someone to do so.

2. When said person is bound to a chair and being forced with a blunt and/or sharp-edged object to type a message in under five seconds.

But only those. I’m guessing most of the people who type like this are teenagers that have such life-altering news to convey they can’t bear the thought of waiting an extra four seconds to click ‘Send.’

Nevertheless, it appears that “Text Speak” has indelibly merged with the internet, forcing the few and far between Grammar Geeks such as myself to do one of three things. Convert to a Teenage Typist, (Oh the horror!), go into hiding, (Got a cave I can crash in?), or sew their mouths shut and try not to bang their heads against the keyboard in frustration (Oh the humanity!)

I’ve obviously chosen option three, evident by my lack of living in a cave and talking likez dis. It’s truly sad, but it seems the Grammar Geek’s days are numbered. We are on a Grammar Titanic, and the orchestra has already begun to tone down the violins. So let us throw away all troubles and enjoy our Grammar Geekness while it lasts. Raise your glass my friends, for it has been a good run…


2 Responses to “Feel My Wrath, Teenage Typists!”

  1. I feel the same, Micky! Truly, why bring text talk when You’ve got a full keyboard to type?

  2. I don’t know…I guess people become so absorbed in texting that they have trouble transferring correct grammar to any other form of communication…

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