Elemental Modeling Cycle Two () Sign-Ups

Das right. Elemental Modeling Cycle Two has finally begun! The thread was launched earlier today and we already have two models signed up and two reserved! I’m particularly proud of the example photos and signature I made for it. Below is one of the example shots:

I drew on the dress, the eyes, some makeup, and used transparencies to add the lightning. I can’t say exactly which assignment this photo is for, but it’s one of the last assignments in the competition.

In addition to that, I worked in GIMP for about two or three hours today to put together an animated signature. Every time I almost finished GIMP shut down from overload. I finally wised up and saved a copy after every two frames. (Which is a lot of saving considering the final image has about 37) Anyways, after much work I present my first super-animated siggy. (As always, you’ll have to click on it to view the raw image, and then the animations will show)

HOW COOL IS THAT??? I’m very proud of it if you can’t tell 😛

I’d be happy to leave a link to the competition thread, but unfortunately the forums are under maintenance right now. Well, I’m off to TSS to check things and then I’ll be relaxing with a cup of tea and a nice book.



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