Oh, Behold The Drama of the Pen!

I’m not typically one to discuss real life problems unless it is absolutely neccessary (Did I spell that right?) or if it’s good news. I’m doing so now because I need to tell someone. Just warning you, drama will ensue below.

Power of the Pen, which is a state-wide writing competition, has a team at my school. I’m one of the two captains (The Senior one!) and we have a competition tomorrow. I was first on our team last year and came second overall. I’m REALLY hoping to continue that.

The drama part is as follows: Two new members joined our team this year. I know both but haven’t read anything of their’s. While talking with one of said new members about our chances of winning (Which are now minimal due to one of our top three writers being kicked off, but that’s another story) and she replies: “What you don’t think *Laura* and I will be good enough?”

To which I reply: “I haven’t read anything either of you have written, so I can’t say. All I know is that *Dolly* (The girl who was kicked off) was one of our best.”

To which she so bitterly replies: “I can’t speak for myself, but *Laura* is the best writer I know and the best on our team and in this school.”

At this point I wanted to slap her. I mean, COME ON! I KNOW she had read some of my writing in the past week (Examples from previous competition) and that she was doing it to make me angry.

But the problem is this: I’m nervous.

I don’t typically get nervous either, but I’m nervous now. I’ve been going over all my old stories and doing 40 minute quick-writing sessions every day for the past week. Writing is the only thing at my school that distinguishes me, and I AM NOT giving up my position as head of the team without a fight.

And now the drama is over, at least until I find out the results tomorrow.


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