Get Your T-Shirts~

Thanks to Lady Emilye, Evil Bunniez now has it’s own shirts!


You can download from LE style-

Don’t forget to thank LE for these awesome shirts!


7 Responses to “Get Your T-Shirts~”

  1. I’m really glad ya like the shirt. I hadn’t realized you were doing it for a site. If Ya want I can also make the shirt for females. Just let me know.

    And no need to thank me at all. I’m still learning and I don’t mind at all. 😀

    This really made my night. Thank you!

    • Well, originally I just wanted my simmy to wear the shirt in-game, and show some pics here, but then I just shared the link anyways.

      If you could make the shirt for females, that’s be great! Just when you have the time though, I can’t imagine how long it takes to make something like that 0_0

  2. Ya would be surprised. It’s easy because you are adding a stencil to the shirt. I’ll link it on my thread in the next few days, so I can get some of the other requests done as well.

  3. I actually got it done, I was doing some halloween shirts, so I did yours while I did those ones. I’ll post when I have pics:D

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