Photo Gallery

Hey all~

This page is mainly for my own use, as a catalogue of my pics for my different modeling competitions.

NOTE: If a comp is in red text, it means I am no longer in it, or it is no longer running.

Elemental Modeling

I was SUPER EXCITED to be hosting my first comp, so I made some example shots for my lovelies~


I was excited to be doing another comp, especially when it was hosted by Vidkid! Even though I had to drop out of this one, I had a lot of fun!

Assignment One

In assignment one we had to take a white tee and make it a fashion shoot. Terri must have gotten a little light-headed though, because she took a dirt nap  XD

Assignment Two

In assignment two we had to show our model in the wild. Now, at the time I was also doing a shoot for Grunge Modeling (Farther down the page) and I had some extra blood…

Unfortunately, after this assignment I had to drop out of Vanity, but it is still going strong, and an awesome place to lurk!

Grunge Modeling

Grunge is pure epicness when it comes to modeling. I love being in this comp~

Assignment One

In this assignment we had to show our model’s hobby. Mine? Writing under a tree, of course!

Assignment Two

Assignment two was to re-create a scene from a horror movie or video game. Mine was Haunting In Connecticut  😀

The Next Sim Idol

The Next Sim Idol was a competition to find the next sims singing superstar, and it was hosted by Silverdragon111. This was my first comp win, and the first comp I have ever cut and pasted a sim into a picture for, so it was both a gratifying and learning experience.

Assignment One

In assignment one we had to show our model getting noticed. This isn’t one of my favorite shots ever…

Assignment Two

This assignment was a little bit better. Here we had to show our model in a photoshoot! I’m actually quite proud of these shots, considering none of them were edited.

Assignment Three

In this assignment we had to make an album cover for our sims. My problem? I had no idea how to edit! Well, after much trial and error, here is my very first edited picture:

Assignment Four

For this assignment, we had to mimic our sims idol. Mine? Lady GaGa of course! So Terri donned her craziest clothes and wackiest hair, and this is her GaGa photoshoot:

Assignment Five

For this assignment we had to do a magazine cover. I was off on vaycay during it, so I had to rush it when I got back. But, I am still quite happy with the end result.

Assignment Six

In this assignment we had to advertise a product. Terri advertised her new perfume line, Simple Elegance. I’m not too partial to this particular entry, but here it is:

The Finale

For the finale of The Next Sim Idol, Sim_Moore and I had to turn in a screenshot from a music ‘video’ made by our sim. Now, I got a little overboard on this assignment, and it’s not neccessarily what one would expect for a music video…Nevertheless, here it is:

That’s all for now! I’ve got tons more, but I’ll have to dig back through my comps list…Ugh…

Bye for now!


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