The Ol’ Rulebook

I thought that I should at least lay down a couple of ground rules for this blog, so~

1. Please don’t argue. I get that some things I say are sarcastic, but that’s who I am. Move on. I probably have.

2. Please don’t curse. I’m a writer, I use curse words in my personal writing, but that doesn’t mean I like to hear them here. WordPress allows me to edit your comments, so if your comment uses words like that, I WILL edit it out.

3. Don’t be spamming. Everyone hates it. Don’t be a spammer.

4. Don’t pester me about your blog. That’s my job. If you think your blog brings the potatoes to the table, tell me and provide a link. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna put it in the list.

5. Live and let live. Let others have their opinions and they will let you keep yours.

6. Number six is the same rule that every elementary school teacher has at the bottom of their list: Have fun!


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