Who IS Evil Bunniez?


And Micky101037 as I am known (Or unknown) on TS3 site.


(Not So Frequently Asked Questions)

Favorite cartoon: Scooby Doo, duh!

Favorite Drink: Grape Soda

Hair Color: Whitish-blonde

Pets: Three dogs, two cats, and Melvin.

Number of toes: 10

Favorite Starch: Potatoes

Favorite Food: Stir-fry

White Rice or Brown: White

Croutons or Sunflower Seeds: Croutons

Favorite Semi-Italian Appetizer: Breadsticks

Favorite Mythical Creature: Dragodactyl (Dragon + Pterodactyl)

Favorite Musical: Wicked

Favorite TV Show: Glee FTW!

Ten Things I HATE:

10. People that stop in the hallway and talk in a large group so no one else can get through.

9. Salad Dressing.

8. Belts.

7. Windows without curtains/blinds.

6. People that walk through the neighborhood on their cell phones.

5. Haters

4. People that think they’re funny, but really aren’t.

3. People that wear heels all the time.

2. Denim Jackets.

1. People with incredible lacks in common sense.


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